Which Hernia repair surgery is the best? – This is one of the most common questions that we encounter in our practice. Of all the patients we see, a group of patients comes to us seeking a laparoscopic repair for a hernia. Similarly, there is a group of patients who have their minds fixated on open hernia repair.

The patients always ask us, “Doctor, which is the best technique to do a hernia operation? Is laparoscopic hernia repair a better method or an open surgery?” We see many of the patients in favour of or against both kinds of surgery. Some of the patients develop an opinion that “Though laparoscopy is painless, it fails, open surgery is the best for hernias.” Similarly, many patients have an opinion that “Open surgery is a very morbid operation. Do not go for it. Try and get it done laparoscopically”. Some patients even tend to switch their surgeons if their surgeon says, “Laparoscopy is not good,” and get operated on by some other surgeon who says laparoscopy is suitable. How do we decide which kind of operation is better?

First of all, one has to understand that, as of today, both open operation and laparoscopic operation are standard treatment options for a hernia. A surgeon can perform laparoscopic hernia operations for specific patients and perform an open operation for some patients.

So how does a surgeon decide between laparoscopic hernia repair & an open surgery? It is not the type of procedure that’s the deciding factor, but the type of hernia that decides which procedure is best suited for that hernia. Thus, you cannot have one single procedure for all patients. It is similar to having one size shoe and trying to fit it to everyone. It does not work. Hence, the decision of choosing between laparoscopic or an open operation should be based on many factors.

The first factor is the type of hernia – whether it’s a small hernia or a large hernia. Where is the hernia located? Is it an Umbilical Hernia (belly button hernia) or an Inguinal Hernia (groin hernia)? Has any previous hernia operation failed? What is the overall physical condition of the patient? Is it a very elderly patient with a poor muscle tone, or is it a young fit athlete, a weight lifter, a bodybuilder, or a sports man? The surgeon will consider all these factors before he decides which technique is best suited for the patient.

For example, you can take the case of a patient who has a small belly button hernia and is an active sportsperson who wants to resume his practice quickly. The choice of operation for this patient will be a laparoscopic hernia surgery. We can avoid a cut, avoid prolonged recovery phase, the pain is lesser, and he can quickly go back and start his practice. On the other hand, we can take a case of a 60-year-old person, who is obese, has undergone a hernia operation twice in the past, and got hernia back. In this patient, looking at all these factors, the choice of surgery will be an open operation. This choice of hernia surgery is because of the fact that the patient is old, obese, has previous failed repairs, and thus, the best-suited procedure for her would be an open hernia operation with a modified technique.

Hence, whether laparoscopic hernia repair is better or, an open surgery does not hold any value. The question should be, “Which one is the better operation for me?”

The type of hernia surgery is unique for each patient, and the choice of surgery is based on many patient-related factors and surgeon factors.

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