Piles are the most common condition experienced by thousands of people all around the world. Piles are not life-threatening, but need to be addressed to avoid discomfort and pain, and the risk of complications. Piles are usually managed at home by making certain dietary changes and using over-the-counter medications to manage pain and discomfort. In serious cases, conventional surgery and laser piles surgery may be required. Piles laser treatment is an effective and the most popular choice of treatment. If you are still confused with why to choose laser surgery over conventional surgery, then read on to know 13 reasons to solve your confusion and choose laser surgery for piles.

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About Piles

Piles are swollen, painful, enlarged, or bulged blood vessels located near the lower rectum and anus. It occurs when there is too much strain on the blood vessels near the anus or lower rectum. They can develop either inside the rectum referred to as internal hemorrhoids or outside the anus known as external piles. Mild piles are usually treated with home remedies and medicines, whereas large and severe piles may require conventional surgery or laser surgery.

Laser Treatment for Piles

Laser treatment for piles is an out-patient procedure that uses a narrow laser beam to shrink or remove the affected tissue without causing much damage to the nearby healthy tissue. This treatment option is preferred over conventional surgery because it carries the following benefits:

  • Non-invasive procedure-

    The laser treatment for piles is a non-invasive procedure, and hence suited for people who are scared of surgery. The procedure involves using laser beams to burn and destroy the blood vessels that caused piles, which later shrinks and disappears.
  • Local anesthesia-

    The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and hence the there is no risk of side effects associated with general anesthesia of the conventional surgery. Therefore, the procedure can be done with minimal risk and discomfort to the patient.
  • No or minimal blood loss-

    As there is no incision involved in the procedure, there is minimal blood loss associated with the procedure. The involved blood vessels are coagulated using the laser, unlike the conventional procedure, where it is done manually.
  • No or minimal damage to the surrounding tissue-

    During the conventional surgery, there is a high risk of the surrounding tissues getting damaged. However, as the laser beams are very precise and accurate, the damage to the surrounding tissues is prevented.
  • Minimal pain and discomfort-

    Most patients are afraid of the pain that they might experience after the conventional surgery. Every bowel movement could be extremely painful in the days after surgery. However, with laser surgery with minimal tissue damage, the pain and discomfort are minimal, making it a preferred surgical option for patients.
  • Out-patient procedure-

    As the laser surgery is a non-invasive procedure and does not need intense patient monitoring post-operatively, the patient need not be hospitalized and can go home the same day. This laser surgery for piles is usually done as an out-patient procedure.
  • No open wound and sutures-

    As there is no incision involved, unlike the conventional surgery, there is no open would and sutures, and hence there is no risk of post-operative infection and no need for dressing changes. As a result, the patient is more comfortable and has minimal pain.
  • Quicker recovery –

    Conventional surgeries require general anesthesia, intense post-operative monitoring, and hospital stay for patient recovery. In contrast, laser surgeries are associated with quicker recovery period due to the need of local anesthesia, no need of intense monitoring, and less time needed for healing.
  • No or minimal risk of post-surgical complications-

    The risks of post-operative complications are higher with conventional surgery. The complications may include side effects of general anesthesia, bleeding at the affected area, infection of the incision, and pain and discomfort. However, with laser surgery, the risks of such complications are minimal.
  • Fewer follow-up visits-

    After a conventional surgery for piles, the patient may need to visit the doctor multiple times, for monitoring the patient recovery. Many times, these multiple follow-up visits could be inconvenient for the patients. However, with laser surgery, fewer follow-up visits are needed to monitor the patient recovery.
  • Low recurrence rates-

    Undergoing a conventional surgery for piles does not mean that one is free of piles forever. Despite the surgery, piles may recur. However, the recurrence rates of piles are much less with laser surgeries, and the patients are reported to be disease-free for a longer time.
  • High success rate-

    The patient outcomes of the laser surgery for piles are much better than that with the conventional surgery. The affected blood vessels can be effectively coagulated using the laser than through conventional surgery.
  • Early resumption of activities-

    Patients who undergo laser surgery for piles can resume the normal activities within a short span of time, usually 1 to 3 days. However, it may take several weeks for patients who undergo conventional surgeries to get back to work, which can lead to financial setbacks for the patients and their families, among other consequences.

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