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Visited For Anal Fissure Surgery

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time I went to Doctor Parthasarthy for my chronic anal fissure issue. I am very happy and satisfied with the surgery and treatment he suggested and later performed. I am very impressed with his expertise and explanation of issues. I highly recommend him and wish he continue his work in best possible ways to help the patients.  

Pragya Mehto

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health is

Dr. Parthasarathy is an amazing doctor. He is very thorough and orders appropriate tests before coming up with the diagnosis. ***** * ***** ******* *** *** ***** *********** I was better in no time. He is well liked, personable, patient oriented, always professional with a combination of expertise and excellent interpersonal communication skills. He has compassion for his patients and is genuinely concerned about the patient’s well being. Dr. Parthasarathy, you are the five stars for me and I recommend you without reservation. It’s worth going to the best!!  


Visited For Hernia Surgery Bariatric (Gastric Bypass) Surger

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time The best person ever!! He is simply awesome!!\nMy mother was suffering from hernia we went to yashoda for the surgery I can only tell that It was by god grace we visited dr.partha for treatment. He suggested us for bariatrics surgery which was done so excellenty.he has become a family member to us. Ulmost care was taken by him and staff. The best surgerian I had ever seen. He is simply a awesome one.!! Just trust him he will be there for you any time!! Thank you thank you thank you so much DR.Partha garu *** ** *** ******  


Happy with Doctor friendliness

I consulted Dr. Pardhasarathy G for inguinal hernia problem at Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad.  After examining the problem, he suggested me to go for laparoscopic inguinal hernia operation. He told me that it was a minor one and I need not worry any complications. After hearing his genuine suggestion, I undergone Right Inguinal Hernia operation on 15th July 2017 through laparoscopic method. The operation was done very well by Dr. Pardhasarathy and his dedicated team members. I am doing fine now and there is no problem. I am very much thankful to Dr. Pardhasarathy G and his Team Members for their excellent help and support. I wish Dr. Pardhasaradhy G all success in his endeavours in the years to come.    


Anil Kumar P

It was a wonderful experience with the doctor named G. Parthasarathy Sir, who has performed Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery and Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery for my Mother recently on 2nd of June 2016 which was successfully done at Yashoda Hospitals Somajiguda.Doctor is a patient listener and builds your confidence. He has vast knowledge in the field and gives a detailed description of the issue. The doctor went through all the investigation reports done earlier and shared the explanation for the ailment found in detail. He also assured me that ailment can be addressed. The fees charged is reasonable. He is very generous and would waiver the fees for needy on case to case basis. Doctor has taken utmost care of my mother before and after the surgery which really made my mother feel very comfortable and got recovered very well soon.I haven't seen a doctor like this before he is really an excellent doctor, I would really suggest my near and dear ones for sure. This was referred by my friend and I should also be thankful to him for suggesting me to Dr G.Parthasarathy.  Thank you Sir  

Anil Kumar P

Visited For Hernia Surgery

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time Dr. Parthasarathy is such an amazing doctor. He examined the condition and treated my Hernia with Laparoscopic Hernioplasty, which I had the problem from 3 years. I thought, it would take at least one week for me to walk, but I walked 5-6 hours after the surgery and discharged next day. He treats the patients calmly by explaining the condition clearly. Thank you Dr. Parthasarathy.  

Ranganadh Paramkusam

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health is

Dr G Parthasarathy is an outstanding surgeon with exceptional and unmatched human values. A big smile and a confident persona are his trademarks. He performed an open bilingual hernia operation on my father last week. He listens very patiently, goes through all the previous reports, understands the problem and explains his approach very clearly. More than anything else, his simple ways of constantly reassuring and comforting his patients is what makes him stand out. This helped my dad recover in just 2-3 days despite all the complexities in the surgery. Would like to Thank Dr. Parthasarathy and his brilliant team of two doctors (Dr. Srimannarayana and Dr.Sudheer) for this.

Sreedhar Lanke

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health is

I have undergone a laparoscopy surgery for reflux problem on 8th May The view of the doctor towards my problem is very clear and treatment he offered me is the most satisfactory one. He is a kind of person who wont suggest unnecessary surgeries and had a great attention towards the patients. now post surgery i'm very happy and i'm able to eat what ever i want without any fear. previously this was not the case, i have to think twice before eating anything and even i had many sleep less nights.  Thank you so much for helping me doctor.    


Well, I would say Dr. Parthasarathy is a excellent surgeon.

I was treated in Yashoda, Somajiguda The treatment was beyond the expectation and hospital, nurse service was very good. When I met doctor for the first consultaion,I was explained what my situation is and after diagnosing that my hernia is too big, I was expecting that I have to undergo a major surgery. Usually in my case, im supposed to have surgery. Fortunately, doctor mentioned that I have nothing to worry about and will go with the laparoscopic repair which is very minor surgery and showed me the pictures how it looks after repair and assured that i can go back home the very next day and ready to get back to work in 2 days. It's been almost 2 weeks for now that I had my surgery and I feel very much satisfied. Thank you very much sir.


Visited For Gastroscopy

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time You helped my mother with a quality of treatment, your methodology saved her from the pain and complications I still remember the day I bought my mother to you with an optimistic state of my mind in thinking are you the right person for this surgery. Your efficiency and courtesy in treating her helped us to get her back to normal within a short period from a Critical surgery (Whipple Procedure 8 hrs). Thanks to all who referenced you and the team you have for the surgery. Just too all who reading this he was awesome and then went the extra mile in treating my mother. I would definitely recommend him in Hyd ** * **** *************

Jitendar Airneni

An amazing Doctor and a great human being too.

Recently I have undergone surgery for inguinal hernia on 7th April and i have discharged from hospital on 9th April. It was a Laproscopic Surgery.He given excellent treatment to me and with in 1 week am able to start working. And the hospital Yashoda (Somajiguda) was also good. if you want treatment for above problem (hernia) with out any doubt you can contact Dr.Parthasarathy.G. Thank you sir, and i wish you will reach many heights in your Profession.



Doctor has been very remarkable in my surgery.i dont find any scar on my abdomen even though its just like 10 days post surgery,Though it was an emergency surgery. Being a junior doctor myself,i was very apprehensive and tensed thinking about all the instruments,blood loss ,sutures and procedures that i would go through. I am very satisfied about each part of the treatment from surgery to post-op care. Besides his skills on surgery,he has been down to earth ,soft spoken, and caring ,the qualities of a good doctor.Sir,you would always be an inspiration to me.thanks for all advices for me and everything !!      


Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health is

Very good in his approach, his diagnosis is based on strong logic and clinical judgement. Very pleasant, down to earth and friendly with his patients.    

Dr.Gurmeet Singh

Happy withTreatment satisfaction

doctor comes with simple solutions for complicated cases, his approach was friendly and he care for his patients to recover soon


Visited For Gall Bladder Surgery

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction Dr.G.Parthasarthy is an excellent surgeon who I highly recommed for Gall bladder surgery in hyderabad. The entire treatment from start to finish was so easy and conducted in a professional manner at Yashoda somajigud by Dr. G Parthasarthy and his team. God bless him

Verified Patient

Visited For Bariatric (Gastric Bypass) Surgery

Dr Parthasarathy is a very good surgeon *** **** **** **** ************ ******* His patient care is excellent and treatment is very satisfied. He suggested the surgery only if required and benefited to the patient. I am very satisfied with his way of treating patients and would love to refer his name to my colleagues and friends.      

Ravi Prakash

Visited For Stomach Pain

An Amazing Doctor, Had a Great experience. I have undergone surgery for Appendicitis on 5th Morning and discharged on 7th evening. He treated the problem with utmost care. with in one week i have joined in office. I have Completely cured. it was a great experience with great doctor. Hosipital (Yashoda,Somajiguda) is also good. I would definitely Recommend him.    

Nageswararao Nelli

Neha Singh

I visited the doctor for second opinion for treatment of Gall Stones. He counseled me for the Laproscopic surgery. I was bothered of remarks which will be left on stomach post surgery.The doctor convinced me that he will ensure that minimal scar will be present after surgery. And he lived upto my expectations. He did the surgery with great precision and i am surprised that there is hardly any scar post surgery. Thank You, doctor.

Neha Singh


Doctors dedication,Sincearity and Commitment are worth of immense appreciation His expertise and guidance for surgery we're truly remarkable and worth of accolades Pre and Post Operative cares were taken with at most deligence and care which resulted in saving life He takes care of his patients Very Very well and very good human touch Wishing Doctor with many more achievements in life    


P Vasudeva Rao

I will never forget the doctor who always smiles in the hospital room when I was admitted for an operation. Thank you for your cheerful and sincere approach to your patients, it made me fearless about the surgery. Thank you doctor.    

P Vasudeva Rao