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Laser Treatment for Fistula in Hyderabad

We provide advanced laser treatment for fistula in Hyderabad at an affordable cost. Dr. Parthasarathy & the team is highly experienced in treating fistula. To date, we have performed thousands of fistula surgeries successfully with no cases of recurrence. Our fistula treatment is designed to lower your recovery time and time of your hospital stay. You can go back home the same day and resume work in a couple of days. Laser treatment for fistula ensures you have a painless surgery with no blood loss and low chances of infections.

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What is Anal Fistula?

Anal Fistula problem usually presents with a small boil near the anal opening. This ruptures and discharges thin fluid or pus. The discharge dries up in a few days only to come back again after a few weeks. Unless treated effectively, this problem persists for even months or years.

What causes an Anal fistula?

The anal canal has glands that secrete mucus. When one of these glands gets infected, it forms an abscess. At times this infection can burrow out of the anal canal and tunnel to the skin around the anus opening out as a fistula. Sometimes a few diseases of the large intestine can present with a fistula. These diseases include Crohn’s disease, sexually transmitted infections, trauma, tuberculosis, diverticulitis, etc.

Treatment for Anal Fistula

An anal fistula is a long-standing established infection of the anal region. Medicines cannot completely cure it. The fistula has to be treated up to its root, which is buried deep in the anal canal. The external pus discharging site is like a chimney. The actual stove is buried deep inside. Surgery is the best method for permanent cure

Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula

A Laser fistula treatment is carried out using a high powered laser beam. The treatment of fistula is not easy as the infection is deep seated. In recent times, 2 new methods have been introduced to treat this health condition which are video assisted treatment and laser ablation. In the video assisted treatment a video scope and a probe is inserted to have a clear visual of the condition and treat it. The laser ablation is a similar procedure which uses laser beams to destroy and wipe out the fistula. Fistula laser closure or commonly known as FiLAC is the procedure for the anal fistula treatment. Here, doctors aim at closure of the track by using laser energy that is emitted by a radial fibre which is connected to a diode laser. This causes the tissue to shrink around the radial fibre that would result in closing the track. Here, in most cases the patient would be given anaesthesia and the surgery is done without major cuts and wounds.

The reason why most people choose laser treatment is because:

  • Almost painless
  • Healing time taken is very less
  • Most modern and up-to-date treatment method
  • Ensure not to risk the surrounding tissue
  • Minimal bleeding during and after surgery
  • Least chance of sphincter damage(which can cause loss of control of stools)
  • Fast and quick recovery time

Although this kind of treatment is expensive, it is suggested by most doctors as it is easy to carry out and the patient recovery is fast and with least complications.


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