Rectal Porlapse

Rectal prolapse is a condition where the rectum, slips out of the anal opening and protrudes out of the anal canal and in severe cases it remains outside the anal canal and is prone to injury

Why does Rectal Prolapse Happen?

The rectum which is a muscular tube of the large intestine is usually kept well supported inside the pelvic cavity. When these supports become loose Or because of constant repeated straining in the motion due to constipation, the rectum is subjected to continuous outward pressure and that causes the rectum to protrude out of the anal canal and hang out like a tube. This is usually seen in old people but we also encounter this condition in many young people. 

In the early stages whenever the patient passes motion the rectum comes out of the anal Canal and after that it can either spontaneously go back inside or the patient can push it back with his fingers.

As time progresses and as the disease gets severe, the rectum comes out and refuses to go back inside and this becomes a major problem.

Treatment for Rectal Prolapse?

To prevent a rectal prolapse, one has to avoid constipation and that is achieved through high fiber diet that adequate fluid intake and avoiding straining in the motions. But once the rectal prolapse has happened medical therapies are not very effective in putting the rectum back into position and that is when a surgical treatment is required.

Traditional treatment methods included an open operation which involved long cut on the abdomen and through that the rectum is pulled back inside and fixed in place. Nowadays just like most other gastrointestinal problems we offer a laparoscopic repair for this condition wherein with the help of three or four keyholes, the rectum which is protruding out of the anus is again pulled back and fixed into position to the sacral bone and this fixation is reinforced by the use of a mesh. Once this surgery is done the patient can continue to have a normal life without the rectum prolapsing everything time you go for motion.

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