Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus is a very common condition which we encounter in young people. Pilonidal Sinus is a small hole in the upper part of buttocks which causes a lot of pain.

Pilonidal sinus is a very common condition which we encounter in young people. Generally these patients come with complaints of a small boil or swelling in the lower back or in the upper part of the buttocks which ruptures releasing some blood and some pus and dries away but again comes back after three or four months and this process keeps repeating. Initially many people ignore this thinking it’s a small skin boil and once it starts coming repeatedly then their attention is drawn to that.

What causes Pilonidal Sinus?

A Pilonidal Sinus is actually a tunnel which goes from the skin to deep down into the tissue. At the end of the tunnel, usually you find a small tuft of hair. The hair on the back which usually sheds naturally gets sucked into the skin pores of the buttocks and when this hair gets trapped there, it creates a sort of inflammation under itself and starts tunnelling down. Many times because of the dirt and the other debris this becomes infected and the infected material find its way back to the skin and ruptures giving the patient pain and pus discharge.

How is Pilonidal Sinus Treated?

This problem is generally treated with the help of antibiotics but that is not a permanent cure for the sinus because the tunnel is very deep into the skin. The permanent solution is surgically removing the sinus from the skin level deep down into the tissue to the end of the tunnel where the tough hair which is like the seed of the infection lies. And once the entire sinus is removed then this problem is cured permanently.   Traditionally this involves a very major operation whereby a large amount of skin is removed along with a deep tissue which leaves a large defect in the lower back and this defect is either covered by directly suturing it or by means of creation of a flap which is rotated by a plastic surgery method and the gap is covered.

Laser for Pilonidal Sinus

Recently there has been a large interest in the use of laser technology for the treatment of pilonidal sinus where without creating a large wound or the need for a flap, the entire sinus is first cleaned and then a laser beam is passed into the sinus and the entire tract is destroyed with the help of a radial laser fiber. The advantage of this procedure is the patient can avoid a large wound and long recovery time and generally this patients can go back home the next day after the procedure.

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