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Dr. Parthasarathy & team offers world-class Inguinal Hernia surgery in Hyderabad. We specialize in complete repair of Inguinal Hernias using advanced laparoscopic methods. We make use of advanced technology and the latest techniques to provide our patients with the safest and most effective hernia surgery at our center in Hyderabad.
As a leading hernia specialist in Hyderabad, Dr. Parthasarathy believes that effective surgical care begins right from the moment of the first consultation. Our team prides ourselves in educating the patient about the outcomes of the procedure and counselling the patient to develop the best surgical plan tailored to the needs of the patient. Our team works with the patient to formulate the best hernia surgery and aftercare plan customised to the patient.

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What is Inguinal Hernia?

An inguinal hernia occurs when intestinal or fatty tissue protrudes through a weak spot of the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal is located in the abdomen. The human body, irrespective of gender, has an inguinal canal. In men, testes are formed inside the stomach and before birth pass down to the scrotum through this canal. In women, the inguinal canal is the location for the round ligament of the uterus.

What Causes an Inguinal Hernia?

Several causes of an inguinal hernia are:

  • Increasing pressure in the abdominal region and excessive strain due to chronic constipation or urinary obstruction (a prostate problem in old age).
  • Abdominal wall having an existing weak spot by birth called a congenital hernia
  • Weakness in the abdominal wall due to any injury or any gastric surgery
  • CThe composite problem of both increasing pressure and existing weak spot in the abdominal region
  • Persistent sneezing or coughing and strenuous physical activities also lead to an inguinal hernia.

What are the Symptoms of an Inguinal Hernia?

These are the most frequent symptoms a hernia can cause :

  • Formation of the bulge on either side of the groin(the area where the thighs join to the abdomen)
  • An aching or burning sensation in the bulge area
  • A dragging or heavy feeling in the groin area
  • A pressure or weakness in the groin swelling region and feeling of discomfort particularly when bending or lifting any object or coughing
  • Protrusion of intestine towards scrotum occasionally causes extreme swelling and pain around the testicles
  • In the case of a newborn baby with inguinal hernia cry or a cough can cause pain and swelling
  • In cases of complicated hernias, the intestine can get twisted and cause pain, vomiting, and inability to pass motion or flatus.

What are the Complications of an Inguinal Hernia?

Complications of an Inguinal Hernia Include:

  • Pressure on local tissues around a hernia may result in enlargement of a hernia if not repaired surgically in time. Large hernias, particularly in men, can move to scrotum creating swelling and pain.
  • At the stage of an incarcerated hernia, the contents of it are trapped within the wall of the weak region of the abdomen. At that stage, the patient may experience severe pain, bowel obstruction, nausea, or vomiting. The patient may also experience flatulence and inability to pass the motion.
  • When a hernia is strangulated, it means that the twisting of the intestines has caused a blockage of the blood vessels leading to the rotting of the intestine. This is a life threatening emergency which has to be operated on immediately.

What are the Treatment options for an Inguinal Hernia?

The hernia is a weakness or defect in the muscle through with intestines protrude out. Hence there is no medical treatment for it. All hernias need surgery.

How long can one wait before getting treatment?

A hernia is a potentially troublesome problem. Meaning, the contents can suddenly get blocked or twisted making it an emergency situation. Hence all hernias need treatment at the earliest before complications happen. The results of treatment are excellent if done in an elective setting before complications happen. The same is not true for the emergency repair of hernias. Hence when one is detected to have a hernia, one should get it treated at the earliest.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Inguinal Hernia?

Hernias classically used to be treated by an open operation where a skin incision is made in the groin and the hernia repaired. This usually entails a week’s rest and return to work after two weeks.
In recent times the majority of the hernias are treated laparoscopically, thereby avoiding a big cut. The patient is discharged the next day and is fit to resume normal activities of life from the second day itself. The pain is minimal, and most people are back at the office by a week. This modality of laparoscopic hernia repair has made the entire treatment of hernia more patient-friendly and acceptable. It is best done by a skilled laparoscopic surgeon well versed in all advanced laparoscopic procedures.


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