Diverticulitis are small pouches extending out from the walls of large intestine. Which then get infected or inflamed causes a condition called diverticulitis.

There are two main reasons that can cause Diverticulitis. One they can be present naturally, which is called congenital diverticula and the second due to repeated straining while passing motion or regular constipation the diverticulitis develop in the large intestine.

What are the Symptoms of Diverticulitis?

Majority of diverticulitis do not cause any symptoms. They are usually detected during the course of a routine colonoscopy or during a scan done for a different purpose. If they develop any complication, then the patient will start experiencing symptoms. Complications can arise when they get infected if the diverticula get blocked, secretions can accumulate inside and the diverticula can get infected and swollen and this can cause severe pain and fever.

Rarely the infection can be severe the diverticula burst, exactly what happens to an appendix and this can cause pus collection and life threatening infections. Diverticula can sometimes develop bleeding and the patient can have blood in the motion because of the diverticula. Severe cases of diverticula infection can cause fistula formation if an abnormal connection can develop between the large intestine and a nearby organ like the urinary bladder or the small intestine or uterus and this is called a colovesical fistula or coloenteric fistula. These patients present with repeated attacks of pain, fever and infection.

What is the Treatment for Diverticulitis?

All divertuli do not need treatment. If the diverticulitis has been found Incidentally or by chance during a colonoscopy and the patient does not have any symptoms, these people do not need any treatment. If the diverticula develop a complication like repeated infections or bleeding or fistula formation then they need treatment.
In cases where the treatment is needed. Surgically the part of the large intestine which has developed diverticula is cut and removed and the remaining intestine is joined back.

Is There a Way to Prevent Diverticulitis?

Yes, by adhering to good dietary habits, by avoiding constipation, by increasing the bulk of the stool and by increasing food intake. The pressure experienced by the large intestine during motions is decreased and thereby the diverticula can be prevented or they can be slowed down from progressing.

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