Laparoscopic Rectal Prolapse Surgery

Laparoscopic surgeries have become the best option for treatment of most abdominal surgical problems.Rectal prolapse is a condition when the patient’s rectum is no longer in the same position as before and slides out of the abdomen and protrudes out like a hand coming out of a shirt’s sleeve.
The patients often face a frequent change in their bowel habits. Mucus drainage and bleeding from the rectum are also some of the most common symptoms of a rectal prolapse. The patient may also suffer from a condition in which he or she cannot control their stool called incontinence

Laparoscopic Rectal Prolapse Surgery Hyderabad
What is laparoscopic rectal prolapse surgery?
The laparoscopic rectal prolapsed surgery, as you can understand from the name, is used to treat a rectal prolapse. This surgery is also known by the name of laparoscopic rectopexy. The rectum shifts from its original position in this problem and hence the surgery helps to restore the rectum to its original position. When the rectum is restored, it would not be able to form a protrusion and come out of the anus. Now, this surgery is of laparoscopic type, which means, a small camera will be placed inside the abdomen to see everything inside it and it this camera is inserted through minute keyhole like incisions. The instruments used for performing this is surgery are also inserted through those incisions.
What happens during a laparoscopic rectal prolapse surgery?
Firstly, you will be given an anesthesia and once you are fully unconscious, the surgeon will make a 1cm slit at a position near your bellybutton. Through this cut, the laparoscope will be inserted. Now, with the help of this laparoscope, the surgeons will be able to see everything clearly inside your abdomen on a screen. Depending on your built and some other factors, a number of small incisions like the one used for inserting the laparoscope will be made and their positions are determined by the surgeon. Through these incisions, the surgeon will reposition your rectum and restore it back to its original position. The rectum is placed in the locations firmly with the help of stitches and sometimes with a mesh.
How is the post-operative recovery after laparoscopic rectopexy?
The patient usually is made to walk on the same evening of the surgery.Oral liquids are started on the next day.The patient is discharged one or two days following the operation.It is advisable to avoid straining at stools after the operation and a stool softener is usually prescribed.


Authored By Dr G Parthasarathy - Surgical Gastroenterologist, Hyderabad